Boston Siege FC Create Youth Academy

Boston Siege FC are proud to announce the creation of a youth program focused on developing talent in the metro Boston area. The foundation of the youth program is anchored in the development of three teams: U19 Boys, U12 Boys, and U8 Girls.

Boston Siege FC aim to develop exceptional soccer players who are prepared to compete at the collegiate or professional level, by providing the highest quality soccer resources, superior technical curriculum, competitive athletic programs, and personal growth opportunities.

Boston Siege FC aspire to be the premier destination club for youth soccer players in New England, through the development of exceptional soccer skills and strong personal character, and to prepare players for the collegiate or professional level.

Our commitment to developing superior player skills, supporting educational goals, and providing specific programs to create strong personal character, is the essence of our club. Siege is now just one of two clubs in Massachusetts to officially provide a full development pathway for progression from juniors through semi-pro.

The U19 squad will be the pinnacle of our performance pyramid. Players at this level will positively impact the game through their technical and physical mastery as well as their understanding of their role within a unit and team. At this level, Siege will encourage its players to be proactive and anticipate actions and sequences before they occur. The overall goal will be to produce talented young men to occupy spots on the second team in BSSL play and the first team in UPSL play.

The U12 squad will be encouraged to adapt and apply their foundational skills in both practice sessions and game settings. Competitive play will be introduced in a positive and supportive environment. This squad will provide young boys direct access to improve their play, and compete for a coveted spot on the U18 squad.

The U8 squad will regularly perform activities that focus on soccer-specific individual skills such as developing a player’s first touch, ball manipulation, passing, and shooting. Players will be exposed to cooperative play and the concept of communicating and problem-solving in the game setting.

In addition to our three formal squads, Siege FC will also provide a youth clinic for those between the ages of 3 and 6. Here, children will experience individual, parallel, and group play settings to improve socialization skills and physical literacy. Gross motor skills such as foot-eye coordination and movement will be linked to introductory soccer skills such as dribbling and passing a ball.

Luke DedeusYouth Academy, U18, U12, U8